In recent years, with the growing concern regarding the environment, the Director and Personnel of Facilities and Services have made an initiative to operate, design and develop the County of Cape May for environmental sustainability and awareness.

Doing Our Part
We continue to design our facilities to be energy efficient and low maintenance. When possible, we purchase products from local vendors to support the local economy and prevent excessive emissions from long haul transportation. We purchase products made from recycled materials and have recycling, compacting and shredding facilities throughout the Crest Haven Complex. We use green cleaning products, drive electric vehicles, install energy efficient lighting and highly efficient heating and cooling systems. We strive to do our part to conserve natural resources!
U.S. Green Building Council Member Logo
Steps to Sustaining Our Environment
The following steps have been initiated:
  • Energy Master Plan (PDF) - Concord Engineering is conducting surveys of approximately 70 county buildings to determine their energy efficiency. During the surveys of the buildings, they are analyzing lighting, HVAC, natural ventilation, building envelope, and utility use to name a few.
  • After completing the surveys, they will develop a consistent master plan for better energy efficiency of the buildings. Some of the suggestions made thus far by Concord include:
    • Lighting occupancy sensors and lighting upgrades
    • Upgrading HVAC equipment
    • Installation of photo sensors on exterior of buildings and in parking lots
  • Member of USGBC (US Green Building Council)
  • Purchasing parts, materials and equipment from local vendors
  • Green Cleaning Products
  • Office furniture designed primarily of particle board manufactured from 100% recycled, post-industrial material for county facilities.
  • Through ongoing projects, we have recycled 40,000 pounds of ceiling tiles and replaced the tiles with 71-82% recycled materials.
  • Electric/Hybrid Vehicles