Planning Board


Board Members

  • Ronald Simone, Chair
    North Wildwood
  • Gerald M. Thornton, Commissioner Director
  • Will Morey, Commissioner
  • Bob Church, County Engineer
    Upper Township
  • Bob Ashman, Vice Chair
    Stone Harbor

  • Andrew Bulakowski
    Lower Township
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy
  • Two Alternate Vacancies

About the Board

The Cape May County Planning Board was established under Chapter 251, Laws of 1935 of the State of New Jersey and was created under Commissioner Resolution on October 20, 1953 as one of the 1st county Planning Boards in the state. By statute, the 11 member Board consists of 8 citizen members (6 members and 2 alternates) appointed by the Board of Chosen Commissioners, 2 Commissioners (the Commissioner Director and a 2nd Commissioner), and the County Engineer.

Generally, the duties of the County Planning Board are to make and adopt a master plan for the development of the county and to encourage the cooperation of the local municipalities in matters concerning the county Master Plan. Incidentally, these duties involve the review of all development proposals in the county.