Facilities & Services

The department maintains 100 county buildings and over 250 acres of land. The buildings house the county government’s administration, justice, educational, and resource facilities. The department oversees the construction projects and acts as the liaison between the architect and contractor to protect the best interest of the County.

The department has over 90 full time and part time employees and provides a full range of facility management services. The department has 5 divisions, including:
  • Administration Division - Manages and pays all of the utility bills for the County and manages purchases made by the department
  • Maintenance Division - Oversees the grounds keeping and building maintenance
  • Construction Division - Oversees both in-house and contracted construction projects
  • MEP Division - Maintains and installs all mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment
Each division is led by a manager with support from on-site supervisors.

Mission Statement
To maintain buildings and grounds in a manner that protects the health, safety, and welfare of workers and the public using the most effective and efficient means possible. We maintain the facilities in a manner that is inviting and attractive to the general public and supports the mission and goals of Cape May County.