Commission Committees
Rules and procedures of the commission call for each commission member to serve on 2 committees, or serve on 1 committee and be an officer of the commission. There are 2 Management Committees, Budget and Nominating, and 3 Program Committees - Education, Outreach/Public Relations, and Awards and Recognition.

Education Committee
The Education Committee along with other members assist with the exhibits and attend a variety of meetings, conferences and special events on a regular basis communicating with Cape May County women.

Copies of a written report from the chair of the Education Committee are circulated at the commission meetings. Committee members are invited to provide further details and answer any questions, which may result from the report.

Outreach/Public Relations
  • Communication
    The commission created a Concerns and Interests Survey (PDF) to address the concerns and interests of Cape May County women.
  • Focus Groups
    In 2000, we established a Focus Project, which was intended to survey women in Cape May County. This undertaking was initiated to determine and prioritize women’s concerns and interests. One of the results of the 1st year was streamlining and coordinating the outcome into a database and forming a conclusion. From this survey it was noted that this list includes:
    • Educational Resources
    • Exercise and Nutrition
    • Finances/Budget Investments
    • Parenting
    • Stress Management
    However, the main concern was public transportation, implying that women are moving from welfare to the workplace and showing increased interest in furthering education towards a new career.