Mission Statement

The Cape May County Public Works Department is dedicated to providing a safe, cost-effective roadway system, including all related structures and facilities, that improves the quality of life for the residents and visitors of the county. Dale Foster, who is the County Engineer, directs the County Public Works Department.

The Public Works Department consists of the Engineer's Office, Road Department, Fleet Maintenance, Bridge Maintenance, Bridge Operation, Traffic Signals, Bridge Electrical and Traffic Maintenance Divisions.

The County Engineer's Office provides design, engineering, construction management, and inspection of county road and bridge projects along with other capital improvement projects. This office interacts with various agencies such as NJ Department of Transportation, NJ Highway Authority (Garden State Parkway), Delaware River Bay Authority and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection on projects. In addition, the County Engineer's Office works in partnership with the 16 municipalities on a variety of projects.
Tim Donohue is the Supervisor of the Road Department. The Road Department cleans, inspects, paves and repairs county roads and is responsible for snow and ice removal on county roadways. They also address stormwater runoff by repairing, cleaning and installing catch basins and drainpipes.

The Fleet Maintenance Division inspects and services Fare Free Department of Transportation vehicles. 
Gordan Adams heads up the Bridge Maintenance Division. This division repairs the various county bridges and also provides assistance for the inspections of the bridges and the various capital improvements. The Bridge Maintenance Division is also responsible for repairing damaged guide rail systems.

The Traffic Signal and Bridge Electrical Division is under the direction of Drew Helmandollar. The County is responsible for over 150 traffic signals under county jurisdiction and provides maintenance to a number of municipal traffic signals as well. The Electrical Division repairs, installs and upgrades the various electrical systems on the county bridges.

John (Ray) Myers heads up the Traffic Maintenance Division. They place the pavement markings and install the various regulatory, warning, and guide signs on the county roads.

The Bridge Operations Division is responsible for opening the movable bridges when necessary for marine traffic to pass through.

It is through the cooperation of each and every sector of the Public Works Department that improvements are made everyday. These improvements benefit all people, both residents and tourists alike, who travel in Cape May County. We are committed to the further enhancement and safe-guarding of our county roads, bridges and facilities. Continue to check our web page for upcoming projects.