Transitional Life Care

Helping in the Transition
The Transitional Life Care (TLC) Center is an 8 bed palliative care unit dedicated to hospice level care. TLC is a Respite Hospice unit. meaning that it is for short term stays of hospice patients in the community for symptom management, caregiver training or respite care. The unit is also available for straight respite care of clients in the community whose caregiver at home is going away for a short period of time or who requires a needed rest. Stays may be longer than 30 days, however the concept is for short stays.
Transitional Life Care Nurse and Patient
The unit is designed for:
  • A patient at home with, or without a hospice provider in the community and the family or caregiver requires short term respite or death is imminent from the hospital, home or the Long Term Care facility.
  • Newly end of life patients who are transitioning to home with a hospice provider but need interim symptom management. When the patient is coming from the hospital and is eligible for Medicare Part A, Crest Haven would prefer that the hospice selection not occur at the hospital, but prior to going home from the TLC.
Room Amenities
The Transitional Life Care Center at Crest Haven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has a separate entrance and parking for the visitors. There are 4 private rooms, 2 with private baths, and 2 semi-private rooms. The last 2 beds filled will be the 2nd bed in the semi-private rooms. optimizing privacy for the patient and their family. There is a private courtyard and family lounge with kitchenette and a quiet room with an ADA bath for visitors who require a private area. The mission of the unit is to focus on the comfort of the family as well as the patient.

Fifteen years ago, the long term care industry introduced Short Term/Post-Acute Rehabilitation, which proved to be a valuable service for both the patients and the acute care facilities. Short Term Respite Hospice may be the next step in the evolution of the care industry.