Alzheimer's Care

Quality of Life
Quality treatment and care can improve the quality of life for Alzheimer's patients. When a loved one develops considerable memory and cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer's disease, stroke, or other forms of dementia, Crest Haven understands it can be a tremendously difficult decision to move him or her to a skilled nursing facility.
Yet when becomes apparent that remaining home is no longer a safe and viable option for a loved one with significant memory loss, know that Crest Haven's expert Memory Care services are close at hand, ensuring a gentle transition from your home to our home. Our patient, compassionate nursing staff understands the complexities of declining memory and cognition, and will care for your loved one with abundant warmth and sensitivity.

Our Alzheimer's Unit features:
  • A lovely solarium where trained staff provide therapeutic activities that stimulate all areas of the brain through all the human senses
  • Advanced recreational activities to encourage socialization and greater mobility
  • Discreet, dignified personal care by honest, state licensed staff and aides
  • Personalized Care Plans devised to expand the residents level of activity and ability