Activities & Recreation

Crest Haven Weekly Activity Schedule

Monday June 13, 2022

Good Morning!  Let’s get moving with a Monday Morning Stretch to loosen up those muscles. At 2pm we will have Snack Bingo on the Units, everyone loves BINGO. Tonight, we will be having some fun with Puzzles.      


Tuesday June 14, 2022

Today is National Strawberry Shortcake Day and we have Cooking With Tony. In the afternoon we will enjoy some Homemade Strawberry Shortcake. At 6pm we will enjoy some Patriotic Music to sing along to in honor of Flag Day.


Wednesday June 15, 2022

Wake up to some Tunes and Exercise today along with Manicures this afternoon.  Tonight at 6pm we will enjoy a nice social with soft music and refreshments.


Thursday June 16, 2022

Today we celebrate our C.N.A.’s. What would we do without them? We will continue to keep up with the Garden areas this morning. Also at 2pm we will be playing games with the Nurses Aides. Tonight, we will hold an Art Class on the units.


Friday June 17, 2022

Today is National Flip Flop Day!!  We will be doing a cute Flip Flop Crafts at 10am. We also have Happy Hour happening at 2pm. Come out and enjoy the goodies and ice cream cones.

Staying Connected
We realize the importance of social interaction and cognitive stimulation as a means to improve the general quality of well being for each and every resident.

Staying connected to family, friends and the outside world is the desire of most residents, regardless of their duration of stay at Crest Haven.
Understanding and implementing social interaction and cognitive stimulation to improve the quality and well being of our residents, is one reason our Activities and Recreation Program is well known throughout Cape May County.

Interactive Recreation
The Recreation Department participates in meaningful and interactive recreation that satisfies and delights our audience and is best suited for each care plan. Such programs include group exercise. spiritual services, live musical entertainment, holiday themed craft projects and cooking demonstrations, to name a few.

Frequent visits from local school children and animal therapy programs offer companionship and bring joy to the residents. During the spring and summer months, the outdoor courtyards are used for various activities such as barbeques, picnics and vegetable and flower gardening projects. Pleasant and protected outdoor seating is also available. 

The Residents are encouraged to attend local dining lunch outings, baseball games, shopping day trips, and concerts. The City of Cape May proudly invites Crest Haven's Residents and staff members to be their guests for all of their programs throughout the year which include, big name concerts, special programs and events at Cape May Convention Hall. Safe transportation and friendly licensed staff are always on hand to attend these events.
Annual Events
This department also hosts annual events such as, the Senior Prom, in the spring and the Polar Bear Plunge, in the winter months. These traditions have been anticipated and successful every year.