Temporary Food Event Information

Cape May County hosts many festivals and events that permit food vendors to operate. The Department of Health require an application to operate.

Temporary food vendors are also subject to the Chapter XXIV (PDF) codes. Guidelines to operating a temporary food establishment (PDF) can be downloaded also.
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Program Services

The program provides knowledgeable assistance in the area of food safety, regulatory requirements and the design and approval of temporary food operations.

The Temporary Food Event Program provides services to all people interested in operating a temporary food operation in Cape May County.

How to Use the Program

How to become an approved temporary retail food vendor in Cape May County:
  • You need to own an inspected retail food establishment or have an agreement with an inspected retail food establishment for you to use their facility for all food storage, food preparation, ware washing, etc. A home kitchen is NOT an approved establishment. Home preparation or storage of food is not permitted by the New Jersey State Sanitary Code Chapter 24 (NJAC 8:24) (PDF).
  • Prior to each event, the temporary food application must be completed and submitted to the Caoe May County for review.
  • All retail food vendors who plan on selling or giving away food at temporary locations are listed as temporary food establishments.

    If you are an out-of-county mobile retail food vendor and you want to vend at events in Cape May County, please submit a temporary food application prior to the event.


    • $25 per event\site - You will receive a bill after you are inspected at the special event.

    Temporary Food Operation Resources