Evacuation Planning

Planning for an Evacuation
People with disabilities have the same choices as other community residents about whether to evacuate their homes and where to go when an emergency threatens. Listen to the advice of local officials. Decide whether it is better to leave the area, stay with a friend or go to a public shelter. Each of these decisions requires planning and preparation.

Be Ready to Evacuate
Have a plan for getting out of your home or building (ask your family or friends for assistance, if necessary). Also, plan 2 evacuation routes because some roads may be closed or blocked in a disaster.

Supply Items
Have disaster supplies on hand.
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Emergency food and water
  • Essential medicines
  • First aid kit and manual
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Nonelectric can opener
  • Portable, battery-operated radio and extra batteries
  • Sturdy shoes
Supply List
Maintain a list of the following important items and store it with the emergency supplies. Give a copy to another family member and a friend or neighbor.
  • Special equipment and supplies, e.g., hearing aid batteries
  • Current prescriptions names and dosages
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of doctors and pharmacist
  • Detailed information about the specifications of your medication regime