Flag Retirement Station at Park South

flagburning firepit

Dedicated August 17, 2021, Eagle Scout Zachary DuFault, with help from donations from the community, built this beautiful garden and flag burning station to properly honor the American flag.

Many Americans proudly fly the U.S. flag at their homes and places of work, but what do you do with it when it's old and ratty and you're ready for a new one? Don't just throw it in the trash like any other old item — that's considered disrespectful. 

Just as there's etiquette for displaying Old Glory, there's also etiquette for disposing of flags in a dignified manner.

Get all the detail for a proper disposal ceremony here.

Community organizations are encouraged to complete the application for use of Park South Flag Retirement Station to hold such ceremonies. Use of the Station is free to the community but you must receive prior approval from the County for use, and submit a certificate of insurance. 

Click here to download an application with details!

zachary dufault