Bike Patrol Unit

Bicycle Patrol

Several officer in our agency our specially trained and certified to operate a bicycle for patrol purposes. The utilization of the Sheriff's Office Bicycle Unit in the County Park enhances the Sheriff's Officers ability to detect problems and emergencies. It also enables the officers to be more accessible to visitors and employees, as compared to motor vehicle patrol. The Sheriff's Bicycle Unit can also utilize a stealthy approach to offenders in a manner unexpected. The Bicycle Unit can also access areas not open to motor vehicles.
 Additionally it provides demonstrations on their abilities, speak on bicycle safety and bicycle responsibility to many organizations and the general public. The Cape May County Sheriff's Bicycle patrol supports and enforces safe riding and the use of bicycle helmets on and off county property.

Remember: NJ State Law, anyone under 17 years of age is required to wear a helmet at all times when riding a bicycle. This also applies to anyone riding in any apparatus being towed by a bicycle.

Bike Patrol