Park Unit

The Cape May County Sheriff's Office Park Unit primarily consists of one Sergeant, a Corporal and two Sheriff's Officers.

The Sheriff's Park Unit patrols daily between the hours of 7am and closing (varies during the seasons). The Park Unit is responsible for public safety and assistance throughout all Cape May County Parks. 

Additionally, this Unit ensures security for the animals and employees and patrons of the Cape May County Park Central and Zoo. 

Please see a list of county ordinances and rules for the County Parks & Zoo. 

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Park and Zoo Rules

This is only a summarized partial list of the rules for the Cape May County Park and Zoo. Please go to the  Cape May County Park and Zoo Website for more detailed rules for the Park and Zoo.

  • Speed limit throughout ALL Cape May County Parks is 10 MPH.

  • Alcohol is strictly PROHIBITED at all Cape May County Parks and Facilities.

  • NEVER leave personal belongings unattended and be  sure to lock your vehicle.

  • No PETS are allowed in County Parks.

  • Children may not climb on exhibits, fences, railings or gardens.

  • All BUSES must use the Route 9 entrance to the County Park and Zoo. STOP at the information booth for specific PARKING INSTRUCTIONS.

  • Children visiting the County Park and Zoo on field trips must be with their chaperones at all times. Please encourage your children to stay with their group leader. Supervision MUST be provided to insure proper use of the playground equipment.

  • Food, chewing gum or snacks are NOT PERMITTED in the zoo. Leave food items in your vehicle or in your shelter area. Drinks are permitted in the zoo but no glass bottles. 

  • Recreational equipment (I.E. Baseballs, Jump Ropes, Skateboards) of any kind is strictly PROHIBITED inside the zoo.

  • Smoking is NOT permitted in the Zoo.

  • Shirt and shoes are required for all persons in the County Park and Zoo. 

  • Park vehicles in designated parking spaces only. 

We strive to make every guest's visit to the Park and Zoo as enjoyable as possible but, you may be asked to leave the grounds for inappropriate or disruptive behavior.