Community Outreach Unit & Crime Prevention 

Mission & Goal of the Community Outreach Unit

The overall mission and goal of the community outreach unit is to work with Crime Prevention as well as other organizations such as the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office Hope One Van which can provide support services for victims of domestic violence or those struggling with addiction.

Mission of the Crime Prevention

The Cape May County Sheriff's Crime Prevention Unit exists to reduce criminal victimization, reduce unwarranted fear of crime, and improve the quality of life of the citizens of Cape May County.

Goals of the Crime Prevention

Our mission will be achieved by addressing each segment of the County population with specific and appropriate educational programs, support services, and expertise.

Community Outreach

Specifically we offer:

  • Child Safety Programs
  • Child Fingerprinting
  • Sheriff's Say No To Drugs and Pass Jail Program
  • McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog
  • Stranger Awareness
  • Latchkey Kids
  • Internet and E-mail Safety
  • Eddie Eagle Safety Program
  • Gun Safety / Awareness
  • Turn Off the Violence
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Child Safety Seat Program
  • Project Lifesaver
  • Cell Phone Safety for Kids
  • School Safety
  • School Security Surveys (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Method)
  • Safe School Program
  • Tip Boxes
  • Hot Line (in conjunction with Crime Stoppers of Cape May)
  • Physical Security Planning Manual

Fingerprinting Program

For over fifteen years the Sheriff's Office has offered the service of child fingerprinting to the parents of kindergarten age students in Cape May County Schools.

This year the Sheriff's Office has announced that there will be a change in the Fingerprint Program as they seek to offer a more effective and efficient service that will help parents and aid law enforcement in cases of child abduction or disappearance.

A much smaller print card containing spaces for the child's physical description and a picture will be sent home with each kindergarten student and the parents or guardian of the child will do the printing. A disposable ink strip and towelette will be in each print card with easy to follow instructions

Surveys conducted through the summer have found this method to be well received by parents. They specifically liked the idea that the new card is small enough to be carried in a purse or glove box and can be presented to law enforcement immediately should a child wander away or be abducted on a shopping trip or vacation.

Senior Citizens Safety

  • Annual Seminars on Various Topics
  • Anti-Fraud, Telemarketing Scams, and Home Repair Scams
  • Nursing Home Safety for Residents and Administrators
  • Communicating with Seniors
  • Active Membership on Senior Citizen Targeted Board
  • Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
  • TRIAD- Composed of AARP, National Sheriff's Association, and National Association of Chief's of Police
  • Annual Training
  • Attendance annually at a Regional TRIAD Training Conference

Other Community Safety Related Projects / Programs

  • Security Surveys of City Housing Authorities via Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Technique
  • Assorted Public Service Announcements on Seasonal Crime Prevention

Speakers Bureau

Various topics related to Sheriff's Office and Crime Prevention

To Contact the Crime Prevention Unit for Literature or presentations call (609) 463-6430.

Safe Schools Program

The Cape May County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with the Cape May County Crime Stoppers has instituted a Safe Schools Program throughout Cape May County.

The Sheriff's Office offers free security surveys for County Schools along with tip boxes, and a hot line for students that may have information about potential problems.

To date several county schools have requested and received the security survey and have employed the "Tip Box" and "Hot Line".  

Tip Line number is (609) 465-2800

The survey emphasizes access control, surveillance, and to protect students, faculty, and visitors.

Other Crime Prevention and Safety Programs

Crime Stoppers - A community program geared toward public involvement in the fight against crime. It offers cash rewards up  to $1,000.00 and anonymity to citizens who furnish information leading to the arrest of criminal offenders and to capture felony fugitives.

Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization that depends on the involvement of private citizens and business for information and donations to help fight crime or potential terrorism in our communities.

Crime Stoppers SAFE SCHOOLS PROGRAM TIP LINE is a community program geared toward identifying groups or individuals who may through their actions or words have indicated they may be a potential threat to a school or group of schools. When a call is received by Safe Schools Tip Line, it is logged with the date, time, and a brief summary of the callers information. Callers remain anonymous, with no pressure to reveal their identity. Caller ID is NOT used on this line.

To report crime or suspicious activities call (609) 465-2800 or TOLL FREE at (877) 465-2801. For Emergencies dial 9-1-1.

To make a tax deductible donation to help fight crime send your donation to:

                                Cape May Co. Crime Stoppers Inc.
                                P.O. Box 104
                                Cape May Court House
                                New Jersey 08210