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Sheriff Robert A. Nolan

The Sheriff is the highest and only Law Enforcement Official elected by the people.Sheriff_Nolan Image

Bob Nolan has served the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office for over 33 years, the last 7 years as Undersheriff.

Bob began his career in law enforcement with the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office in 1984 as a corrections officer. After graduating from the Cape May County Police Academy in 1987, he worked his way to Chief Sheriff’s Officer and in 2010 became the Undersheriff, overseeing the law enforcement division as well as managing and participating in all civil functions of the Sheriff’s Office. Bob is focused on eliminating illegal narcotics and has played a major role in developing bomb and drug-sniffing K-9 Unit teams.

During his time working in the Sheriff’s Office, he pursued degrees from Atlantic Cape Community College (majoring in Criminal Justice), Stockton University (majoring in Social and Behavioral Sciences), Farleigh Dickinson University (Certified Public Manager), and the West Point Command and Leadership Program (Certificate of Graduation, Leadership Theories and Quality of Command).

Bob dedicates much of his free time to his community, including serving as the Lower Township Board of Fire Commissions president.  He has contributed his time and talents on Lower Township City Council as the deputy mayor while also representing Council on the Planning and Environmental Boards. Bob is currently a member of the New Jersey Sheriff’s Association, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Town Bank Volunteer Fire Company and the Union League of Cape May County.

Bob resides in North Cape May with his wife, Michelle. They have been married for 38 years and together have three children and five grandchildren.

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The Sheriff's of Cape May County

On February 7, 1692, at the home of Benjamin Godfrey, the first town meeting was held for the purpose of conducting public business. Timothy Brandereth officially became Cape May County's first Sheriff at that meeting. As of 2018, there have been a total of 100 Sheriff's to date, some of which served multiple 3 year terms for 109 total terms.

Sheriffs of Cape May County
1692 --Timothy Brandereth

1695--John Townsend

1697--Ezekiel Eldredge

1700--Edmund Howell

1701--Caesar Hoskins

1704--John Taylor

1711--Humphrey Hughes

1711--John Townsend

1714--Richard Downs

1715--Robert Townsend

1721--Richard Downs

1722--Henry Young

1723--Richard Downs

1740--Constant Hughes

1744--Jacob Hughes

1748--Jeremiah Hand

1751--Thomas Smith

1754--John Shaw

1757--Jeremiah Hand

1760--Ebenezer Johnson

1762--Henry Hand

1765--Sylvanus Townsend

1768--Daniel Hand

1771--Eli Eldredge

1772--Jonathan Jenkins

1774--Henry Y. Townsend

1777--Isaiah Stites

1780--Richard Townsend

1781--Nathaniel Hand

1782--Daniel Garretson

1783--Jonathan Hildreth

1784--Benjamin Taylor

1787--Philip Hand

1788--Henry Stites

1791--Eleazer Hand

1796--Jacob Godfrey

1791--Jeremiah Hand

1798--Jonathan Leaming

1801--Thomas H. Hughes

1804--Joseph Hildreth

1807--Cresse Townsend

1808--Jacob Hughes

1809--Joshua Swain

1812--Aaron Leaming

1815--Spicer Hughes

1818--David Townsend

1821--Spicer Hughes

1824--Swain Townsend

1827--Thomas P. Hughes

1830--Richard Thompson

1833--Ludlam Pierson

1834--Joshua Swain, Jr.

1835--Ludlam Pierson

1835--Samuel Matthews

1838--Samuel Springer

1841--Thomas Vangilder

1844--Enoch Edmunds

1847--Peter Souder

1850--Thomas Hewitt, Jr.

1853--Elva Corson

1856--William S. Hooper

1859--Richard D. Edmunds

1862--Aaron Miller

1865--John Wilson

1868--Anthony Steelman

1871--Nelson T. Eldredge

1874--Albert Adams

1878--William H. Benezet

1881--Remington Corson

1884--William H. Benezet

1886--Stillwell H.Townsend

1886--James Shoemaker, Jr.

1889--Charles E. Nichols

1892--Robert E. Hand

1895--Andrew J. Tomlin

1898--John W. Reeves

1901--Samuel E. Ewing

1904--William H. Bright

1907--Robert R. Corson

1910--Frederick J. Melvin

1913--Coleman T. Corson

1916--Robert S. Miller

1919--Mead Tomlin

1922--George A. Redding

1925--James T. Hoffman

1928--Forrest Maylan Rich

1931--William B. Powell

1934--Paul M. Scull

1937--William B. Powell

1940--F. Mulford Stevens

1943--Norman S. Taylor

1946--Egbert J. Wood

1949--Norman S. Taylor

1960--A. Huppert Heil

1969--Beech N. Fox

1985--James T. Plousis

2002--Raymond D. Lewis

2002-- John F. Callinan

2009--Gary G. Schaffer

2018-- Robert A. Nolan