Birthday Parties

Host an extra special zoo themed birthday party with the Education Department’s Ambassador Animals. All birthday party programs will include a plush animal for the birthday child. Parties held here at Cape May County Park Central will need a pavilion rental. Parties are offered daily at 12:30 PM. Please contact our office if you wish to request a different party time.

OPTION 1: Cost: $100
This 30-minute program offers a "meet and greet" with three domestic animals from our Education Department. (Domestic animals only include: chicken, bunnies, guinea pigs).

OPTION 2: Cost: $200
This 45-minute program will include an educational presentation including at least four ambassador animals and a variety of bio-facts for guest participation. Geared for school aged children our educators will capture your party's attention and imagination as they teach you about these animals.

Sarah and Twix

Our Ambassador Animals

Ambassador animals are living creatures. Therefore, for their safety, comfort and well-being we are not permitted to be offsite for more than 4-hours. Additionally we cannot be in rooms or venues with other animals present. For outdoor venues, weather conditions will determine the species available for that program. Due to the needs of our animals we cannot guarantee a specific animal species. We reserve the right to refuse any program that puts the safety and well-being of our animals and staff at risk.

All birthday parties must be held on grounds at a pavilion or at a venue. We cannot travel to private homes.

If you are having your party onsite at a Pavilion and wish to bring a Bounce House or other party entertainment inflatable onto Park grounds, you will need to complete this form and submit it to the Administration Office. INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT