The MILO Range is an interactive use of force, tactical judgment training, and firearms training systems. The Theater 300 system offers a fully immersive, 5-screen configuration that provides a challenging and realistic training environment including tetherless weapons with realistic recoil and shot effect.  The MILO Range Theater offers many out-of-the box advantages such as ultra-wide field of view, 180 and 300 degree configurations, team training, lethal and less lethal weapon options, lowlight and flashlight training, and trainee action capture video (playback system). MILO Range includes over 600 High Definition and Standard Definition interactive branching scenarios (instructors are able to affect the outcome of scenarios by selecting alternate branches based on their assessment of the student's overall performance and/or their use of verbal and tactical skills).  This training is challenging and realistic, allowing for team training with handgun, rifle, pepper spray and Taser (MILO Range Taser accurately represents the real operation of real Taser weapons).  Most scenarios have been based off real life experiences and expertise.  The scenarios range from domestics, EDPs, disorderly persons, active shooters, school shootings, traffic stops, courtroom scenarios, jail encounters, terrorist situations, hostage situations, robberies, suspicious persons, off duty encounters, armed disturbances, checkpoints, homeland security and high risk entries.  Included in the MILO facility is the ability to use physical force on a heavy bag and a treadmill, allowing students to simulate real-life situations.  Other options used are lowlight and flashlight, the use of cover and concealment, threat assessment, and escalation and de-escalation of force.

The MILO simulator can be synched with the FAAC simulator if requested (see training bulletin MILO/FAAC Combined Simulator).

Duty weapons and ammunition are not allowed into the FAAC/MILO room.  Locking storage cabinets are provided for officers if desired.  


Half day of training: $250.00 (includes two instructors) Class limit: 5

Full day of training: $500.00 (includes two instructors) Class limit: 10