About the Academy

The Public Safety Training Center/ Police Academy consists of a 100 seat tiered classroom with the latest computer technology, several additional classrooms and a room dedicated to the FATS, Inc Simulator Firearms Training Computer and a break room with vending machines for staff and trainees. 

In addition to classroom facilities, the center has a 40 and a 20 position, 50 yard outdoor range along with an outdoor shotgun range and a four lane 25 yard indoor range.  A fully equipped physical fitness center and a dormitory for the residential basic academy are located within walking distance to the classrooms. 

The present 21 week, 840 hour Residential Basic Course for Police Officers and the 460 hour Special Police Officer Class Two program includes courses in professionalism, ethics, the criminal justice system, the criminal and motor vehicle laws, laws of arrest, search and seizure, interviews, confessions and Miranda, traffic enforcement, narcotics, criminal investigations, juvenile law, physical training, unarmed defense, emergency response, weaponry, stress management, water rescue and community relations.

The Basic Course for Police Officers additionally includes boxing, firearms, survival shooting, simmunitions training (real life judgmental shooting scenarios), First Responder Certification, Community Police Officer Certifications, Red Cross Community Water Rescue Certifications, practical scenarios, and a residential training environment.

An articulation agreement with Atlantic Cape Community College awards the Basic Course student with 15 credits upon completion of the Basic Training Courses at the Cape May County Police Academy.  These credits are officially awarded upon enrollment and successful completion of the remaining general education courses and career area courses in the Associate in Science Degree Program.

In addition, the Academy offers Special Police Officer Class One Courses and In-Service training for  veteran officers.  Among these courses are updates in criminal law, motor vehicle law, search and seizure, criminal investigation procedures, police supervision, police management, accident investigation, survival shooting, aikido for police, handcuffing, pressure points, hazmat, blood borne pathogens, CPR, Spanish for police, computer investigations, computer crimes, introduction to computers, and much more.

Instructor certification courses are offered in firearms, defensive tactics, PowerPoint, physical conditioning, instructor development, drug and narcotics, and first responder crisis situations.  The Academy also took on the responsibility of training 911 Dispatchers and Emergency Medical Dispatchers.  Advanced courses in Police Dispatching are also offered.