Basic Course for Police Officers-Residential

The Basic Course for Police Officers consists of training mandated by the Police Training Commission.  This includes physical fitness, firearms training, and other practical exercises.  The Academy also conducts simmunitions training, boxing, water rescue, CPR and AED.   Applicants must be sworn, full time employees of a municipal, county, state institution, or qualified Alternate Route Candidates and conform to all standards prescribed by the New Jersey Police Training Commission.  Periodic drug screening of all trainees is conducted during this course.  This residential program has been extremely well received; providing meals and lodging, issue laptops, and a computer lab for recruit access.   

  2022/2023 COURSE DATES:
    52nd BCPO:  January 25, 2022-June 14th, 2022

                                               53rd BCPO:   August 23, 2022-January 13, 2023                                                
(please call Donna Lichtenstein for further information 609-465-1134 ext. 3705)