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We are a chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers. This is a non-profit volunteer organization made up of professional zoo keepers and other interested persons dedicated to professional animal care and conservation.
Our chapter is made up of zoo keepers from the Cape May County Zoo. We put on events to raise money to provide enrichment items for our animals (like the toys you see in their exhibits) and to give donations to other organizations that are important in animal conservation.
AAZK's purpose is to foster a professional attitude in animal keepers and aquarists by encouraging them to become active members of professional teams at today's zoos and aquariums. AAZK supports the promotion and implementation of zookeeper education and strives to make the general public aware of our concern for all deserving conservation projects and the need for the preservation of our natural resources and the species that depend on those resources.

2022 Night Walk dates:
Night Walks at the Zoo is hosted by the Zoo Keepers Association. 
September 9 & 24, October7 & 22 (adults only).

Tickets will be posted for purchase at two weeks prior to the event date.

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Most of our animals love toys! This includes items like balls, forage feeders, swings, bird toys and more! Check out our Amazon wish list (link below) to find out what kinds of toys we're looking for!

A lot of animals, especially cats, love different scents. These scents include perfume and spices bought at your local grocery, department store or found around your house.


Other enrichment includes brushes (for those bad hair days), reptile houses and plants, hammocks, and stuffed animals (to keep our animals company). Check out our animal wish list under "Our Animals" or click here.

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