Fixed Route Information

Please see charts below for information on Fixed Routes and Deviated Fixed Routes for your area
  1. Lower Township to Rio Grande
  2. WCM/CM to Rio Grande
  3. Villas/ NCM/CM/WCM to NCM Shopping Center
  4. Lower Township to CMCH
  5. West Cape May/Wildwood to CMCH
  6. Ocean City to Somers Point
  7. Wildwood to Rio Grande
  8. Woodbine Area to CMCH & RG
Approximate pick-up times:

Townbank & Bayshore        9:00       

Conifer Village                     9:10       

YorkShire Place                   9:15       

Haven House                      9:20       

Bayshore Rd. NCM             9:25

Bayshore Rd. Villas             9:35

Bayshore Rd. Del Haven     9:45

Arrive Rio Grande            10:00

Depart ShopRite            12:00

Leave the bus lot by 8:55 and arrive at Townbank and Bayshore Rds., Turn right onto Townbank Rd. and follow to Shore Drive, Turn left onto Shore Drive and follow to Franklin Blvd., Left onto Franklin Blvd. and follow to Bayshore Rd., Left on Bayshore Rd. and pull into Conifer Village, Right out of Conifer Village onto Bayshore Rd., follow to Townbank Rd., Right on Townbank Rd, Stop at Yorkshire Place and Haven House. Turn left out of Haven House, follow to Bayshore Rd., Right onto Bayshore and follow through North Cape May, Villas and Del Haven passengers must stand along the route. Turn right onto Route 47 and follow to Rio Grande. Drop off at Walmart and all stores along that line. Proceed to Save A Lot / Kmart, then ShopRite / JC Penny.

Leave Rio Grande at 12:00                  Reverse route for return trip

Please call the office at least 30 minutes prior to your stop time so we can inform the driver of your location, Thank You. 889-3700

If you are unable to access the route due to a disability or distance, please call the Fare Free office for a pickup closer to your location. All vehicles are equipped with lifts which will be deployed at any stop necessary.