2017 Course Descriptions

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This course is being presented by the Cape May county Prosecutor's Office and is designed to instruct the first responding police officer who is the first responder on proper procedures to an active shooter call.  The class will consist of both classroom and tactical hands-on instruction on proper approaches and containment procedures to ensure safety of all the persons involved at an active shooter call.


This course is designed for shooters who have problems during agency qualifications.  It will also enhance the shooting ability of any officer.   The drills and techniques taught in this course focus upon the shooting fundamentals and to correct shooter errors such as improper trigger control and follow-through. 

Equipment and ammunition requirements:  Duty handgun, magazines, all related leather gear, flashlight, rain gear, eye and ear protection, 1000 rounds of duty equivalent handgun ammunition.


These informational classes are designed to provide an opportunity for the class attendee to gain a clearer perspective of law enforcement.  Equally important, law enforcement can gain knowledge of the needs of the very citizens we represent.  This course is instructed by various Chiefs of Police from Cape May County.  Program topics include:  Overview of the Criminal Justice System, Police Training Requirements, The Police Mission, Budget/Manpower, Communications, Criminal/ Juvenile Law, Crime Prevention and Crime Scenes, Traffic Related Activities, Use of Force, K-9 Usage, Domestic Violence, Community Policing, First Aid and CPR Certification.



​This four hour course is being presented by the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office and is designed for the uniformed patrol officer, which covers the CDS Act, Drug Identification/Recognition, Concealment, Packaging and Handling.


​The 32-hour Emergency Medical Dispatcher Course is required of all call takers.  This course is designed to effectively direct and manage their emergency medical resources.   This course primarily focuses on the medical side of dispatching.  Completion of this class carries 21 continuing education units for EMT's.

​                  PRE-REQUISITE:  Successful completion of a 40-hour Basic Telecommunicators Course and valid Basic
​                                                     CPR Certification card.




​This New Jersey Police Training Commission approved course is designed to instruct department officers who will be assigned the task of instructing and certifying officers in the use and care of firearms.  Instruction of methodology, firearms policy, testing and operation of a firearm range will be reviewed.  Officers will be required to furnish their duty weapon, shotgun and ammunition.   The Officer must fire one score of at least 95% on the regular handgun to qualify for this course. 

​          Equipment:                                                          Ammunition:
​       Department Firearms Policy                                 1400 rounds duty or equivalent for duty weapon
​       Duty semi-automatic handgun                               50 Rounds revolved ammunition
​       12 gauge police shotgun                                        50 Rounds 12 gauge fine shot
​       Flashlight                                                                30 Rounds 12 gauge 00 buckshot
​       Rain gear                                                                30 Rounds 12 gauge slug



​The New Jersey Police Training Commission approved course is designed for officers who plan on teaching at police schools and/or their respective departments.   This course covers selecting methods, establishing goals and performance objectives, constructing lesson plans, testing and evaluation, psychology of learning, effective speaking, principals of learning, use of training aids and instruction on Microsoft Power Point for presentations.  The student will be required to deliver a 10 and 20 minute presentation complete with lesson plans.  The 20 minute lesson plan will be reviewed by an instructor with the student.

Must have three (3) years full-time police officer experience.



​This is a 40 hour Basic Telecommunicator Course that is required of all call takers.  Telecommunicators will be instructed on the basic information required to dispatch calls for law enforcement, fire and EMS services.  NECI certification received upon successful completion.


This five-day course prepares the law enforcement firearms instructor to teach the fundamentals of operating the law enforcement rifle.  Successful completion of this course certifies the instructor to qualify rifle operators under the Attorney General's Requalification Guidelines.   Instruction includes nomenclature, malfunction clearance; semi-automatic and full automatic manipulation drills, shooting on the move, and other street relevant courses of fire. 

Candidates must achieve a 90% score on the Automatic/Semi-Automatic Patrol Service Rifle Qualifications Course (ARQC) and pass a written examination to successfully come the course.
​            NOTE: This in not a Police Carbine Instructor Course

​Necessary equipment
​Rifle with sling, at least three 30-round magazines for rifle; 2,500 rounds of ammunition for rifle; a flashlight or rifle attached light device; service handgun and holster; 500 rounds of ammunition for handgun; wrap-around eye protection; hearing protection; baseball style or other hat with wide front brim; long sleeve shirts or jackets; gloves; rain gear (no ponchos); spotting scope or binoculars;  and a cleaning kit. 




​This course is being presented by the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office.  This one day course demonstrates the practices and procedures in the investigation of sexual assault, molestation, etc.  A few of the topics discussed will be awareness of the psychological as well as the physical effects of the victims, evidence for prosecution of offenders, interview and interrogation techniques, as well as preparing for court testimony. 

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