Grant's Zebra

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Grant's Zebra

Latin Name: Equus quagga

Other Names: Common Zebra, Burchell's Zebra, Plains Zebra, Painted Zebra

Habitat and Range: Grasslands and woodlands of east and southeast Africa.

Captive/Wild Lifespan: Captive around 40 years, wild up to 20 years

Gestation: A calf is born around 345-390 days. Nearly 50% of wild calves are lost due to predation. Calves can run within an hour.

Diet: Herbivore- high-crowned teeth allow them to eat coarser grasses than other hoofed animals cannot.

Adaptations: With only two seasons, wet and dry, zebras migrate with the waters to find food. Each yearly migration can be over 700 miles. Stripes are what make this animal so recognizable, and they also tend to be the topic of debate among scientist. There are a lot of theories floating around as to the purpose of the stripes, some including a type of camouflage and others that deter bugs. Some Scientist believe the stripes confuse predators because they can't determine one individual from the next, while others believe and have even done studies that the stripes deter biting insects because the stripes disrupt the attractive pattern to insects.

IUCN Status: Least Concern 2008.

Conservation: They have no major threats, but habitat loss and over hunting have led to localized declines. While not specifically protected they are common in many national parks such as Kruger National Park and there for are protected.

Did you Know: There are 3 different species of Zebra (Plains, Grevy's, and Mountain), and the main difference is in the stripes. Each species develops their stripes at different weeks in their embryonic development, which results in wider or smaller stripes in the animal.

Here at the CMC Zoo: We have 4 residents zebras here, A stallion and 3 females. Sarge our stallion was born in December of 1994 and called our zoo home in 1998. He has sired foals here and is very protective of his herd. Both Gracie and Gretta are his offspring. Gracie was born here June 10th, 2003 and Gretta was born June 22, 2000. Our oldest female is Zelda, she was born in July 1994 and is also our longest herd residents calling our zoo home in 1995.